Sketches on Tuesday - Sketch #1

I have been trying to find new ideas and topics to make this blog more interesting. I thought it would be fun to start a regular "sketch" day here at Life on the Lamb. I'll do my best to post a new one each and every Tuesday. Some sketches will be based on older layouts of mine, but some will be new layouts as well. I will also try to include as many two- pagers as possible! You should be able to right click the sketch and save or print to your hard drive.

I would love to hear your feedback! Are these helpful? Do you want to see more? If you use the sketch, be sure to give credit if you upload your design to an online gallery. -And make sure to share with me! I would love to see what you create! :)


Karina said...


This is what I was waiting for!!!! I LOVE sketches, and I LOVE your layouts, so this means that I would LOVE to see your pages made based on a Sketch!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, include sketches in your blog!!!!

Thanks !!!


Kay B said...

I love sketches too! I'll have to use your great ideas and the prize package I won on your blog to make something great! Thanks again, it arrived safe and sound and I and everyone who has seen it loves it!

Julie said...


Ady said...

I love sketches. Keep them coming... I haven't had time to work on them yet but they are definitely on my to do list.